Tourism Projects Cancelled for Environmental Welfare

Questionable plans to develop a bridge over the Kinabatangan River in Malaysian Borneo’s Sabah state have been cancelled, revealed Sabah Forest Department Chief Conservator Sam Mannan. The statement came from a South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP) event in London.

“We are not going on with the bridge,” Mannan stated, according to a Malaysian news site. “In making this choice, Chief Minister of Sabah Datuk Seri Musa Aman has taken into account all the issues and viewpoints related to the bridge, including those from Yayasan Sime Darby, Nestle, researchers and NGO groups as well as the viewpoint of somebody who understands the area much better than any person else – Sir David Attenborough.”

Last month, commemorated biologist and broadcaster David Attenborough voiced his criticism of the bridge plans in a letter released in the Guardian. “If this building is allowed to go ahead, I am left in no doubt that the bridge will have unfavorable impacts on the area’s wildlife, the Kinabatangan’s successful tourist market and on the image of Sabah as a whole,” Attenborough composed.

The plans required a 350-meter (1,148 feet) bridge crossing Kinabatangan river in Sabah, and the paving of a gravel roadway. Its building and construction with the largest cranes in the nation was proposed as part of the 2008 Sabah Advancement Passage, a plan focused on changing the state into a prominent financial area and financial investment location. The bridge would change an existing ferryboat service, and its advocates argue it would cut travel times for individuals and link towns south of the river to health centers and other services.

Conservationists fear the bridge’s building and landscape constructions around the rain forest would tear apart environments for threatened elephants, primates and birds in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, a patchwork of secured locations that runs along the namesake river. The paved roadway would run straight through part of the sanctuary. Much of the close-by forest has been lost to oil palm plantations, making remaining wildlife passages especially essential, professionals argue.

“The bridge and the roadway would have a direct influence on wildlife populations, and particularly elephants, orangutans and proboscis monkeys,” stated Benoit Goossens, the director of the Danau Girang Field Centre in Sabah, in a January statement.

“The brand-new public roadway that will consequently follow the bridge will cut off the last staying unoccupied path for elephants near Sukau, which will have devastating effects for both the animals and individuals. Significant disputes will develop, and deaths (elephant attacks on individuals, elephants shot or poisoned) will take place. Additionally, we would be increasing the entrance of poachers into safeguarded forests, specifically of ivory and engineered or glue laminated timber traders,” Goossens included.

Some have also questioned the financial value of the bridge. Sabah Tourist, Culture and Environment Minister Seri Masidi Manjun cautioned this month that the bridge’s building might ruin plans to increase ecotourism in Sabah and jeopardize the incomes of individuals currently operating in the tourism market.

Yayasan Sime Darby, the humanitarian wing of the palm oil giant, also threatened to “evaluate” its jobs in the location if the bridge went through. Worries that building and construction impended were raised in January, when the Danau Field Centre identified work teams clearing forests with frannas and bubble cranes to make space for equipment storage and a workplace for the building and construction specialist. Nevertheless, authorities stated that work would not begin until there has been a completed ecological effect study.

Meanwhile in other areas of the world, an RTI concern exposed how the construction of an eco-tourism complex near the Bhitarkanika National Forest has fallen into an eco-sensitive zone. The Odisha Forest Department has halted the project in response. The RTI, submitted by social activist Anirudha Sethy, divulged that the forest department of the Odisha Tourist Development Corporation (OTDC) did not look for consent to construct the complex.

“The partly built structure near the national forest entry gateway captured my attention. I asked about it but the forest department authorities chose not to respond. Following the RTI application, I learnt more about how the big funds were hidden away in the attire of eco-tourism development,” Sethy stated. “The complex is located within handshaking range from the national forest limit and the forest department has actually stalled the job as it comes under an eco-sensitive zone of the wildlife sanctuary,” authorities stated.

“OTDC performed the building work and permitted companies to collect timber which were to be made into architectural trusses and other timber products without the previous approval of the forest department. Once brought to attention, the project was altered to meet the guidelines. The location where the resort is being built is an eco-sensitive zone. Any type of long-term building will impact the environmental level of sensitivity of the area. The location is often visited by estuarine crocodiles, spotted deer, birds and other animals,” Divisional Forest officer of Rajnagar Mangrove Department Bimal Prasanna Acharya stated.

District Tourists Officer Bijoy Mahanty stated, “OTDC needed to stop the job as needed approval from the forest department to run a business tourist complex according to Area 28 of the Wildlife Security Act, 1972 had not actually been looked into.” OTDC deputy executive engineer stated that forest department has issued instructions to stop the building and construction of the tourism complex.

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European Foods You NEED To Try

Calling all foodies, when you are on your travels in Europe, here are some things to keep an eye out for, as advised by some of the world’s best travel advisors.


Drink Chianti in Tuscany, indulge in some Prosciutto on your Parma and savour the taste of the authentic Bolognese sauce in the city of its origin– Bologna. Learn to make pasta or simply delight in a meal of pasta al Pomodoro, which is usually prepared with fresh pasta, olive oil, just picked tomatoes, basil, and various other fresh food components. Make sure you check out the traditions of Italian cuisine and wine from the town or city of their origin, however if you can’t get there, at least try a delicious gelato while exploring Rome’s Piazza Navona. From Panini to Pancetta, check out the depth of food lover heaven when in Rome, Florence, Venice, Parma and Tuscany, and more.


Munch your way through Andalusia, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona. Join in with the locals at the maze-like La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, taste-testing samples of regional Manchego cheese, jamón serrano and olives. Immerse yourself in the regional tapas scene in Barcelona, find out how traditional Paella is made during a cooking presentation of Spanish prepared meals and savour the scrumptious local Catalan food, from Tuna escabeche to crema Catalana.


The Scots claim to be the best food nation in the world! Scotland’s plentiful natural food game of, dairy items, fish, fruit and vegetables allow chefs to produce meals including different seasonings and spices. From Aberdeen Angus beef, Stornoway black pudding, Arbroath Smokies and Shetland Salmon, Lock Fyne Oysters to Scottish whisky and craft beer and wine, foodies can travel around Scotland tasting regional specialities from local restaurant and wineries. Don’t miss Scotland’s national meal, the haggis, which is a savoury pudding that consists of meat mixed with oatmeal, onions, different spices and salt. There’s even haggis ice-cream and haggis-flavoured crisps and chocolate if you’re game to try!


Poland is an emerging destination for food, a destination that is also well-known for it’s Vodka. Some local meals to keep an eye out for include Kwasnica (Sauerkraut soup), placki po góralsku (potato pancakes with goulash) and smoked Sheep’s cheese. Don’t miss trying out the pierogi (Polish packed dumplings), but for those more daring foodies, you can attempt bull testicles, jellied calves’ trotters or duck blood broth with vinegar. Street food fans must keep an eye out for Zapiekanki “Polish pizza”, an open-faced baguette topped with melted cheese, sliced mushrooms and sauces, or the Obwarzanek,  which is touted as a symbol of Krakow, a chewy bread roll topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds or salt.

There are definitely more common European foods to keep an eye out for, even just to say that you’ve tried it. Like a Croissant from a breakfast restaurant in France, or a German sausage. Europe is the place your culinary dreams are made of, and with so many countries in close proximity to each other, it would be silly not to give everything a go!

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Why You Need To Be In the US for the BIG3

Ice Cube’s 30 plus, 3 on 3 basketball league is the reason why you need to be in the US, and more importantly, in Brooklyn on the 25th of June. The league is gaining more and more exposure as we creep closer to the launch date. We’ve seen the birth of other sporting leagues but none with the hype and excitement of the Big 3. The league is set to be a lasting one due to the way it was developed from game play down to players.

Just in case you aren’t sold on it, here are a couple of highlights of the league that make it different from the rest, and are why you need to get on a plane to witness history in the making at the Big 3 game in Brooklyn this July.

Allen Iverson and Other Stars

No new professional sports league can make it through without talented and/or marketable players, and The Big 3 has exactly that. The league has already secured some enormous players for the game. The recently inducted Hall of Famer Allen Iverson will work as a both a coach and player for the 3’s Company, which is one of the teams set to play in the Big3 inaugural season.

The league will also consist as stars such as the likes of Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin and Jermaine O’Neal who are set to dust off the basketball shorts for one last hurrah as players in the Big 3. Julius Erving and Charles Oakley will be coaching in the league as well. Just those stars alone should be enough to entice basketball fans to the opening game in Brooklyn.

The Four-Point Circle

The BIG3 could have just opted for the standard basketball guidelines, but that wouldn’t be fun. The league doesn’t want to be the NBA, and it’s not trying to. This is a good idea and one of the main factors that could help the league stick around for longer than one season. There have been rumours about the NBA potentially adding a 4-point shot to the game, but there is no word on if and when that will ever take place.

Positioning the 4-point circle on the BIG3 court provides intrigue and excitement to both the competitors and the players.

No Foul

If you’ve ever played in a 3 on 3 competitions or leagues, then you would know that things can get physical. Due to the fact that BIG3 leadership speakers outlined the guidelines of the game, and there are no foul outs, we might potentially see some spirited play and the kind of isolation basketball that we do not get to see as much in the NBA anymore.


The hype instantly followed with The BIG3 when its TV deal with Fox Sports was revealed on Tuesday by a conference speaker for the network. The league will transmit video games on Monday nights and Fox will air the championship game live. Coverage of the game begins on June 26 with the national championship arranged for August 26.

Getting a primetime slot on a significant network equates to immediate legitimacy and direct exposure for the league. Fox is mainly overlooked of the professional basketball market; however this gets them in it in an intriguing and innovative way that says Fox all over it.

Nearly Unlimited Income Options

The Fox offer could be simply the starting for the Big3, and don’t expect to see business partnerships to develop overnight, but it makes sense that basketball jersey sales, sneaker releases sponsored by a few of the stars and even computer games based on the league could become a reality in the not so distant future.

So long as the league doesn’t have any significant bad moves in the early days, The Big3 has a fantastic possibility to be a long lasting and effective league. Make sure you don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity to make it to the first game of the league, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of sporting history, and it’s sure to be a story for the grandkids!

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Travel to India, The Blend of Cultures

Nowadays travelling to India has become very popular among tourists across the globe. More and more people want to travel to India. India is a country rich of heritage be it cultural or intellectual.

On travel to India, the tourists get to visit different cities portraying their own sweet, beautiful and magnificent culture. India is a country of diversity. In India, there are people of all religions be it Hindu, Muslims or Christians.

To visit India means to visit the world, with snowy Kashmir, urban Delhi, busy Mumbai, ethnic Kerala and beautiful Calcutta. India is such a wonderful and magnificent country to travel that people from all over the world come to travel to India and visit the amazing monuments, the beautiful theme parks and the amazing nature. Not only are there the mighty Himalayan Mountains to admire but also amazing waterfalls, beautiful rivers and fabulous sunsets.

India offers a lot of things for tourist on his travel to India to do. One cannot only visit the amazing and magnificent monuments like the mighty Taj Mahal, The elegant Qutub Minar but also the amazing temples of Amritsar, the beautiful mosques of Delhi and the serene churches or Pondicherry. Not only have that but one can enjoy the metro in Delhi and the bridges of Kolkota. Assam and Darjeeling well known for tea production are famous for making your eyes widen and your jaws drop. Bangalore, which is the major IT hub of India, is so amazing that one is enthralled by the beautiful high rise buildings and the busy rush that entails.

One can also enjoy the hot bollywood flicks with lots of music and dance and if you are in for something traditional try out the serene southern states. India is such a beautiful mix of various cultures that one cannot stop himself from admiring this country while on his or her travel to India.

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